Training your models is an integral part of typless. Since you are the author of the document types and the structure is not known in advance, you have to build a dataset for your documents that you are automating. Providing context is done by feeding the data to typless, which then starts recognizing and building connections between the documents.

Number of documents for precise extraction

QualityMetadataLine items
Under 300DPI, skewed scans, ...1 - 41 - 7
300 DPI, original PDFs, ...1 - 31 - 5


Train using just values - No additional data needed

Forget about special annotation or template building process. Typless takes care of everything - Automatically!


typless training cycle - No human intervention

Triggering training


Training is executed automatically every day at 10 PM CET

For all of your suppliers with new documents in the dataset of all your document types.
Free of charge

If you want to see results immediately you can trigger the training process on the Dashboard page. Look for your document type in the list, and click on the .

What’s Next

Learn more about different training methods