Webhook settings for optimal asynchronous usage

Webhook will POST a notification to the configured URL created by the user in the Typless user interface.

New webhook

In the profile page you can add new, delete or edit existing webhook endpoints.
If All is selected for document type, the webhook will post a notification to the configured URL after data extraction is finished for all document types.
If you select a specific document type, webhook will only post a notification for the selected one.


Profile page with webhook setup


Currently webhooks are published only for data extraction events. In the future it will also be possible to recieve notifications for other events (training finished, document type changed, ...).

Example of a webhook message payload


  "event_id": "0e895e25cfa24844c724c0c675da4078b7d13b32",
  "event_time": "2022-02-03T10:19:17.388584",
  "data": {
    "id": "0e895e08e170ec2d89ddc313792d7f7b89c0a203",
    "message": "Extraction process finished"
  "type": "extraction.finished"

The id value in the data property can be used to fetch data in the next step using /get-extraction-data