Line items - Table extraction

Typless defines line items as the connection of at least 3 extraction fields that together represent a piece of information.
The definition covers all table and line item extraction from documents. Line items can be repeated between 1 and N times on the document.


Line item on an invoice


Single line item

Line item in the general table


Multiple line items

Non-standard table


Fields for single line item do not have to be in the same line

As long as the line item fields are logically connected typless will find a way to extract them.


Unstandardized line item structure

When defining line items, define all the needed fields that occur on your documents.
If the field is missing the system will return null as the result.

Multiline field


Line item will only return the first line of multiline field

If a field on the supplier document has the value written in multiple lines, typless will only return the first line of the multiline field.


Only the marked values will be returned in the provided multi-line example